2005 Super-Randonneur Series

Frankly, earning Super Randonneur award was not a goal of mine at the beginning of 2005. In fact, I had only heard the word "brevet" just a few months earlier. I entered my first 200 km (125 mi) brevet in January as part of my training for a fast-paced transcontenital tour in 2006. That tour involved 112 miles/day for 26 days straight, over challenging terrain and weather conditions. So this 200 km brevet simulated a somewhat typical day on the transcon'.

Encouraged by a succesful 200 tempted me to extend my limits further with the 300 km (187 mi) brevet. However, after the 300 I thought long and hard about attempting the 400. For me, this was the most pyschologically intimidating because the 27-hour time limit meant there was only one day's worth of daylight hours to work with. A rider has to make the most of daylight hours and finish the remainder in the dark before the next sunrise (4:00 AM start means finish deadline of 7:00 AM the next day; for Florida in winter that's approximately sunrise).

With the 400 completed, the 600 ironically didn't seem too bad. The 600's 40-hour time limit means there are two day's worth of daylight hours. A 4:00 AM start means a finish deadline of 8:00 PM the next day. I choose to view it as a 400, followed by a four-hour break that included 2 hours of sleep, then a 200 the next day.

Here is how the series went:

For more information about the Super Randonneur award click here.

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